From outdoor stadium to an indoor arena in minutes.

StadiArena is a unique and patented product which not only enhances the profitability of successful stadia but also has the ability to transform potentially loss making developments into sustainable enterprises.

Our highly cost effective, innovative and proven solution addresses the problems of legacy, revenue generation and under utilisation and turns the stadium into a true multi-purpose venue capable of hosting sporting, commercial and community functions such as indoor sports, exhibitions, conferences, banquets, weddings, televised events etc...

Applicable to stadiums with overall seating capacities from 6,000 to 60,000, the seating capacity of the StadiArena can be “flexed” to cater for an audience of 2,000 to 20,000.

The installation of StadiArena within a new build does not extend construction timescales and the return on investment can be within as little as 3 years, thereafter the positive revenue contributions can be used to offset the overall stadium construction costs.

StadiArena can also be installed in existing stadia and stands.

In October 2016, the worlds first StadiArena was opened and hosted the Kabaddi World Cup in Gujarat, India, seating 22,000 in an event that was broadcast to an audience of over 300m viewers in 125 countries.